The Nuclear Button (and who has the biggest)

The Nuclear Button (and who has the biggest)

In the olden days of the last century there was a great fear that nuclear war was imminent. After the fall of the Soviet Empire, there was a period of relaxation… a feeling that the the worst case scenario had been averted. Now we have nuclear politics again, with nuclear-armed states comparing the size of their buttons.  It is time again, to call upon the wisdom of Nuclear Era music of the 1980s… a time when, according to The Suburban Lawns, everything was irrelative:


Or, from the band Rational Youth: “Living in a graveyard, waiting for the axe to fall… Bought a quart of Vodka, didn’t even stand in line: that is one thing that we are never short of”…

And, lastly a song from P.I.L. which always sounds to me like the new age equivalent of the Titanic’s band serenading passengers who await the final curtain: POPTONES:

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